10 minute dating podcast

08-Apr-2017 08:16

This is a Man Repeller production that I started listening to before I even stepped foot into Man Repeller’s office.

Erica brings in the most intriguing guests from such a variety of industries, no matter what you’re searching for there’s inspiration to be found inside The Call.

They both share an intense love of music and I found myself pausing the episode multiple times because they’d talk about a song with such enthusiasm that I needed to download and listen to it that very minute.

I’m a late subscriber to Bachelor Nation, I even looked down upon the franchise until a few summers ago when a friend forced me down the rabbit hole.

She’s a vegan and a beauty fanatic but she admits to being wildly uneducated when it comes to makeup.

I love learning along side her and I’m inspired by the enthusiasm of her product reviews.

Start with: Jackie Michele Johnson is an American treasure.

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It’s extremely informative, almost scientific if you ask me.

Podcasts are basically proof that time is a construct.

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