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08-Apr-2017 08:16

Listen to them in the never-ending security line, while you wait at the gate because you dutifully showed up early like the airport asked, keep listening while you watch in awe as people de-board the plane with no sense of order, and then maybe pop them on if and when you need to avoid some family drama.Busy Phillips and Steve Agee are definitely not doctors.Because she’s based out of Los Angeles, a lot of her interviews are with women in entertainment and entrepreneurship carving their own paths and it’s fascinating to hear about all the different roads that have led to one recording studio. This was recorded before she became Emmy Winner Lena Waithe and it’s amazing to listen to someone living every ounce of her dream.If you’ve heard of podcasts you’ve probably heard of this one, but I still feel like it’s worth mentioning (which is probably why he’s nearing his 900th episode.) Maron is an incredible interviewer and, while he seemed to fall into a rut after he settled his beef with the entire comedy community, he’s really found a groove again interviewing people to get to know them and not to bury a hatchet. The most recent 50 episodes are available for free and this was a stand out episode from the last few months.Start with: This is as newsy as my podcast preferences get.

She interviews prominent figures about the eight albums and book they’d bring when deserted on a desert Island and they’re presented so thoughtfully it’s impossible not to be lulled into a meditative state during every episode.

They both share an intense love of music and I found myself pausing the episode multiple times because they’d talk about a song with such enthusiasm that I needed to download and listen to it that very minute.

I’m a late subscriber to Bachelor Nation, I even looked down upon the franchise until a few summers ago when a friend forced me down the rabbit hole.

Podcasts are basically proof that time is a construct.

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They make train rides feel faster, long walks go by in seconds.

As someone who didn’t even use a moisturizer until last year, listening to her talk about eyebrows for days feels like a full-on education.

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