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Selection of 100% guaranteed original British Fire Brigade, Railway & Transport Cap Badges. The projectile is unfired and retains its wide copper driving band. Sold individually they are 12 per round with a link, they can be supplied as a belt, we have 40 rounds in stock. PO 85 A scarce, 1923, 8" x 6", 500 page hardback book, "Leeds in the Great War 1914-1918, a Book of Remembrance", by William Herbert Scott with a full a Roll of Honour. It has a gold and enaqmel cap badge with a red shaped backing. A nice uniform of a West German Police Officer consisting of his green tunic and white topped cap. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Grenade, dated 1937. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. Lovely condition, fired and strips down into ints componant parts. An excellent WW2 Twin Shoulder Bandolier containing 8 x 25 round magazines for the German MG 13 LMG. A great condition Imperial German pre-WW1 undated Pattern 1898/05 Butchers Bayonet and scabbard for the Gew. Original US Department of the Army and the Air Force Manual 1957, Ammunition for Aircraft Guns.

We do NOT sell knowingly any restrikes or fakes, money back guarantee. The necked case is nicely stamped Winchester Repeating Arms Co. MINIMUM ORDER 2 x rounds The price includes UK delivery. A very detailed book with chapters on the Territorials, The Pals, The Police, the Volunteers, Zeppelin raids, Shell factories, Military Hospitals, Recruitment, Womens war work and much much more. Thick twisted gold cap cords, gold buttons and on the left side a gold flaming grenade with fitted red backing cloth. The tunic is made of officer quality material with a silk lining. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. The pouches have 2 mags at either end and are made of field grey canvas and leather. 98 Mauser Rifle without the flash guard to the rear of the handle and with the short incomplete muzzle ring. This manual covers general information, cartridges caliber .50, 20-mm gun M3, 20-mm gun M24A1, 20-mm guns; M39, M39A1, M61.

Irish Horse, All brass Hants Yeo, Glamorgan Yeo, Gilt Bedford Yeo, OSD Deveon Yeo RFA. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Anti-Aircraft, dated 1937. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. It is fully illustrated throughout and also has pull out update. This book covers the 60-mm Mortars M2 and M19; 60-mm Mortars monut M5, 60-mm Mortar Baseplate M1; 81-mm Mortars M1 and M29; and 81-mm Mortar and monuts M4, M23A1 M23A2, and M23A3.

It is in good condition and the price includes UK delivery.A nice wooden single British Military Aircraft propellor, which is 4 feet long and painted brown at the tip. 47cm x 33cm framed photograph and 2 silk memorium bookmarks to the Whitfield family.It has a lovely manufacturers coloured transfer on it of "The Integral Propellor Co. AE 5 A British Special Constabulary Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. There is a family photograph in the centre and on the left a memorial silk to 16695 Pte. KIA 25.9.1915 in France aged 19, of 24 Rock st, Openshaw, Manchester. Complete in its original Civil Service Army Priviledge envelope to his home address of 1 wallworth St, Radcliffe, Manchester. An official military sectioned instructional example of a Russian TM-62M anti-tank blast mine in great condition and complete with all its parts.Meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please ask.

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