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But it would be a mistake to assume, like AIM Group does, that all ads on Backpage’s Adult Category are for prostitution.It would also be a mistake to assume that Backpage catches all the ads for minors advertised on the site, that the ads they flag for minors are actually for minors, or that there aren’t over-18 victims of sexual exploitation being advertised on the site. Eyeballing a photo and guessing the age of the person in it is a subjective process at best, and such an obtuse filter that Mc Dougall goes so far to admit, “Sometimes we’ve had law enforcement complain to us after NCMEC sends them the report, saying, “Why did you send it to us?

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INSIDER asked both relationship experts and a behavioral analysis interrogator about how to tell when your partner isn't being honest with you.American tourists certainly make their own mistakeswhen traveling, but sometimes they're the victims as well.Reddit users shared some of the most annoying things Europeans do while visiting the US.Of course, this is just for fun, as we can't independently verify any of these claims." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//static-entertainment-neu-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/sc/9b/e151e5.gif" title="All tourists experience a bit of a culture shock when visiting a new country. - Drew Angerer/Getty Images" / The United States and Canada are linked in many ways, from their intertwined history to their 5,500-mile border - the longest in the world.

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According to a growing list of religious groups, feminists, celebrities and policy makers, adult classifieds website is profiting from one of the ugliest crimes on the planet: sex trafficking.And traffic, revenue and share-of-market numbers, even accurate ones, are no indication of how many adult ads on Backpage actually convert into a real-world transaction – nor what subset of those transactions are with a minor or someone otherwise coerced into a commercial sex act.So I sat down with Liz Mc Dougall, General Counsel for Village Voice Media, and asked her to disclose internal data about their adult ad business and the measures they’re taking to detect ads for victims of sex trafficking. Backpage publishes about 3.2 million classified ads a month in dozens of countries and hundreds of categories.Of the 9 million ads live on the site on any given day, about 11 percent, or just under 1 million ads, are listed in the Adult Services Category, according to Mc Dougall.

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