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10-Aug-2017 11:25

I have been making a point to make sure my daughter still hangs out with her girlfriends as not to be totally consumed by this boy. Perhaps talk to a domestic violence support group of some kind.

But I have found out that for the last month everytime she has gone out with her friends she is actually meeting up with him! If she doesn't answer his calls straight away her will start txting her (she will have 5 texts in a matter of minutes ranging from "where are you babe" to "why don't you love me anymore" to "I will die without you" then back to "I'm sorry babe") and he was constantly calling and texting her during her all girls Bday party last week which made her feel guilty that he wasn't invited. Also if he has done anything that would be called rape, so if you have any confirmation press charges!

Don't be afraid to make her upset, you know her interests better then her, and she will thank you one day.

If you two decide to go a little further i would strongly recommend birth control. He also helped me get thru school so im also a high school graduate, but at thirteen you have too much to look forward to.

He reported the guy to the police who took it seriously. He could be charged with child abuse if it goes further. I know have a 14 year old daughter and she is not allowed boys over she does not go out by herself very often at all her phone and fb arw checked by me daily and if i suspect tampering with messages she loses fb and her phone.

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I don't know what to do, we live in a small country town that only has one high school and I am honestly worries what his reaction will be when I try to end it. But your daughter over all needs help to see how unhealthy this relationship is and will need counselling.It is not good for her, definitely not a good experience to start your sex / romantic life. Imo it should never have been allowed in the first place.Show her this is not healthy, let him know this is not Ok, and do not fear him. His decisions are his, if he proves unstable then better you're distanced from him, if he threatens empty threats you've learnt about him and again, teach her these are qualities to avoid in a man, it's not a healthy connection and you should recognise and break away asap. I'm sorry but first if anything has happened sexually it's illegal, secondly there is a massive developmental difference from a 13 year old girl and 17 year old young man who will be 18 within the next 12 months. My partner's just turned 15 yo daughter was dating a 21 yo guy. This was me similar rules everything we still managed to have sex alot.Keep her educated, and maybe a chat from a close family friend she looks up to might help xo Not exactly the same age difference, but when I was 16 I started seeing a 26 year old (very young and stupid, he said all the right things) when my mother found out, and he came to my house she stormed outside and told him if he ever spoke to me again she would be calling the police, I never heard from him again and while at the time I hated my mum for it, now I thank her!

As a 25 year old I know that man had bad intentions!

Hi mum, I am not sure if you can help me out as my daughter is 13 but if you could put this up I would appreciate it as I am desperate for constructive advice xx I need help...

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