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Under this MPN, the principal amount that you owe, and are required to repay, will be the sum of all disbursements that are made (unless you reduce or cancel any disbursements as explained below under Loan Cancellation), plus any unpaid interest that is capitalized and added to the principal balance.

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The Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities Statement accompanying this MPN contains important additional information.The Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities Statement and any disclosure statement you receive in connection with any loan under this MPN are hereby incorporated into this MPN.The Act specifies annual and aggregate limits on the amount of loans you may receive under this MPN.You may continue to receive Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

With certain exceptions as provided under the Act (such as if you graduate from your program of study before you receive or at the time you receive Direct Subsidized Loans for your maximum eligibility period), you will become responsible for paying the interest that accrues on your Direct Subsidized Loans during all periods if you: The Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities Statement that accompanies this MPN provides additional information concerning the limitation on Direct Subsidized Loan eligibility for first-time borrowers on or after July 1, 2013.

INTEREST Unless we notify you in writing that a different rate will apply, the interest rate for any loan you receive under this MPN is a fixed rate that is calculated in accordance with a formula specified in the Act.