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Much like the First Temple, the Second Temple was destroyed alongside Jerusalem in 70 CE by the Romans, in retaliation to an ongoing Jewish revolt.Jewish eschatology includes a belief that the Second Temple will be replaced by a future Third Temple.Immediately evil reports were spread regarding the Jews.According to Seven years later, Cyrus the Great, who allowed the Jews to return to their homeland and rebuild the Temple, died (2 Chronicles –23) and was succeeded by his son Cambyses.The Samaritans made proposals for co-operation in the work.Zerubbabel and the elders, however, declined all such cooperation, feeling that the Jews must build the Temple without help.Following the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid empire, the Second Temple was rededicated and became the religious pillar of the Jewish Hasmonean kingdom, as well as culturally associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

After 12 years in Jerusalem, he returns to Susa but subsequently revisits Jerusalem.‎, Beit Ha Mikdash Ha Sheni) was the Jewish Holy Temple which stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, between 516 BCE and 70 CE.According to Jewish tradition, it replaced Solomon's Temple (the First Temple), which was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, when Jerusalem was conquered and part of the population of the Kingdom of Judah was taken into exile to Babylon.In addition, the order contains a description of the Second Temple (tractate Middot), and a description and rules about the daily sacrifice service in the Temple (tractate Tamid).

Following the conquest of Judea by Alexander the Great, it became part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt until 200 BCE, when King Antiochus III the Great of Syria defeated King Ptolemy V Epiphanes of Egypt at the Battle of Paneion.First they erected and dedicated the altar of God on the exact spot where it had formerly stood, and they then cleared away the charred heaps of debris which occupied the site of the old temple; and in the second month of the second year (535 BCE), amid great public excitement and rejoicing, the foundations of the Second Temple were laid.A wide interest was felt in this great movement, although it was regarded with mixed feelings by the spectators (Haggai 2:3, Zechariah ).In 167 BCE, Antiochus IV Epiphanes ordered an altar to Zeus erected in the Temple.

Alot Hashachar, a. Earliest Tallit, a. Netz Sunrise, a. Latest Shema, a. Zman Tefillah, a. Chatzot Midday, p. Minchah Gedola, p. Minchah Ketana, p. Plag HaMinchah, p. Shkiah Sunset, p. Tzeit Hakochavim, p.… continue reading »

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In the Cathedral of Palma de Majorca rest the oldest known pair of Torah finials, their possession by the church a vivid reminder of the Expulsion of the Jews from Spanish and Portuguese territories in the 1490s. The earliest finials date to the fifteenth century. Some aspects of their decoration, like the horseshoe arches, are.… continue reading »

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The Second Temple Hebrew בֵּית־הַמִּקְדָּשׁ הַשֵּׁנִי, Beit HaMikdash HaSheni was the Jewish Holy Temple which stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, between 516 BCE and 70 CE. According to Jewish tradition, it replaced Solomon's Temple the First Temple, which was.… continue reading »

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