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Here's how to begin setting the stage for long, healthy relationship.

Romantic relationships are dyadic interactions, and as such, they are ever-changing and intensely complex. Couples' shared participation in novel and arousing activities and experienced relationship quality.

Note that much of the research on relationship satisfaction and stability focuses on predictors, which may or may not be causal forces.

As such, more research is needed to identify the exact role of critical interpersonal factors on relationship outcomes.

Here’s a quick exercise to check you and your partner's compatibility in intimacy.

List the four dimensions as follows: _______________________________________________________ Partner A Partner B Physical Emotional Intellectual Shared Activities _______________________________________________________ Next to each dimension, rank whether this is a “Must” have, “Should” have, or “Could” have for you in your romantic relationship.

After answering for yourself, next ask your partner to rank, or on your own put down how you think your partner would prioritize.

The more “must-must” and “must-should” combinations between you and your partner, the greater the possibility of an intimate relationship.

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Successful relationships don't just happen: They emerge when two people invest in their relationship and have the structural support (e.g., manageable life stress) to do so well.

Foreword Chapter 1: Relationships and Reality Chapter 2: Relationships and Affection Chapter 3: Relationships and Might Chapter 4: Relationships and Unity Chapter 5: Relationships Command Bravery and Being Intelligent Wrapping Up Human relationships are an enormous source of learning and growth.