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However, few applied studies have tested whether efforts to enhance the couple and co-parenting relationship result in benefits to the children, and no research exists that tests these assumptions with underrepresented populations.This article provides information on an ongoing novel study of Head Start parents and their children.There is no foolproof method for building successful relationships.One of the most heady emotions that exist in this world- would be love, family and relationships.

We should take every conflicting situation in life, as instances to analyse and improve ourselves and also the people who surround your family life.

Relationship education participants demonstrated better outcomes than the control participants in the area of co-parenting disagreements and reported positive effects on preschool children's social competence.

Participants' scores on both measures show significant improvement at one-year follow-up, while control parents and their children demonstrate more co-parenting disagreements and decreases in children's social competence.

Couple/relationship conflict does not only affect the couple.

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It also impacts their children, both directly and indirectly; harsh or rejecting parenting, for example, is frequently associated with conflict between parents.One major factor is more communication and other noticeable reason is that there are unwanted situations of misunderstandings and ego clashes.This brings about a lot of despair, anguish and tension among the people concerned.We are delighted by the opportunity to “pass the torch” to our Loyola early childhood colleagues. Kirkland, Emily Moye Skuban, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Scott A.

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