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18-Feb-2017 09:12

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I’ll try and write a fitting tribute to Dannie in the coming days. I’m too numbed by this brutal news to know what to say, how to think straight, at this moment.Anyway, a part of the speech the Jersey parliament refused to hear, referred to Dannie.This was the part: – “Amongst our victims have been many many children who had not misbehaved; children who had to be taken into “care” for their protection; or children who had to be taken into the States-run institutions because of the death of their parent.

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Dannie can be seen here, in this documentary, with her courage, speaking the truth for BBC Panorama: – BBC Panorama – Jersey Child-Abuse And this is Dannie’s Facebook page: – Dannie Jarmam – a Jersey Survivor For now, I’m re-posting an article I wrote back in 2008, when we still imagined there were people in the British Establishment who cared about such concepts as the rule of law.ICPADS 2008: 311-319Andreas Lachenmann, Pedro José Marrón, Matthias Gauger, Daniel Minder, Olga Saukh, Kurt Rothermel: Removing the memory limitations of sensor networks with flash-based virtual memory.Euro Sys 2007: 131-144Kurt Rothermel, Thomas Ertl, Dieter Fritsch, Paul J. 21(1-2): 105-113 (2006)Susanne Bürklen, Pedro José Marrón, Serena Fritsch, Kurt Rothermel: User Centric Walk: An Integrated Approach for Modeling the Browsing Behavior of Users on the Web.Per Com 2009: 1-4Matthias Gauger, Pedro José Marrón, Marcus Handte, Olga Saukh, Daniel Minder, Andreas Lachenmann, Kurt Rothermel: Integrating sensor networks in pervasive computing environments using symbolic coordinates.

DEAD; Position Data; Sensor. and implementation of a large-scale real-time location-based information sharing. A Map-Based Dead-Reckoning Protocol for Updating.… continue reading »

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Alexander Leonhardi, Christian Nicu, Kurt Rothermel A Map-Based Dead-Reckoning Protocol for Updating Location Information. IPDPS 2002 73 Abdelmajid Khelil.… continue reading »

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We address the problems of updating and querying. A Map-Based Dead-Reckoning Protocol for. A Comparison of Protocols for Updating Location Information.… continue reading »

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