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18-Feb-2017 09:12

a map based dead reckoning protocol for updating location information-46

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I have met with siblings who’s mother died of cancer when they were little children.

I have met with several of the victims of this particular States-run institution. Believe it or not – I am the “Father of the House” in the States assembly, this by dint of being the longest continually serving Senator.

I first published the following posting on the 14 April 2008 – and it refers to, and includes a speech I’d attempted to deliver to the Jersey parliament on its last sitting before Christmas 2007.

We show in detail how both approaches utilize the basic concepts of accuracy relaxation and utilization of context information, such as movement predictions, to minimize the number of position updates, the size of trajectory data, and the number of energy-consuming position sensing operations.► Utilizing context information can improve location management performance greatly.That level of state-sponsored child-abuse cover-up had even included the obstruction and oppression of me – and trying to bring recognition and some kind of justice for abuse-survivors.One of the key episodes of child-abuse I was trying to expose was the decade-long regime of terror carried out by Jane and Alan Maguire who ran the Jersey government’s Blanche Pierre Group Home.The method can include using a single-fix method or a dual-fix method.

The single fix method includes monitoring travel distance or time for a pre-specified condition and updating the heading from a dead reckoning process based on a first position fix by using a map.

For now, I think we should remind ourselves of her simple honesty, purity and strength; her willingness to speak-out against failed systems, so that other children should not suffer.