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Basically there are not a lot of practicing Muslims. Albanians were the most helpful and kind people I met in all of eastern Europe.

But don’t expect openness yet in this area of sexuality.” (2) According to Gay Pride Index, in Albania a gay Pride march is legal, but not socially possible because Albanian society is very intolerant of homosexuality.

Agriculture is the most important industry, employing more than half of the labor force and generating more than 20% of GDP.

Albania’s major agriculture products are wheat, corn, tobacco, figs and olives.

There was no gay pride march in Tirana, the capital city of Albania, in 2010.

In 2012, another attempt has been made to hold a gay Pride march and festival in the capital city. Opposition is strong from conservatives and religious leaders, as expected.

Albania is a parliamentary democracy with a emerging economy.

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Intermittant power cuts have been reduced to the degree that Albania now exports energy.(1) A gay traveler in Albania posted this comment on the Lonely Planet Gay Thorn Tree forum: “Albania is overwhelmingly Islam so being gay is not exactly an open and accepted thing.However the majority of Albanians I met said that Nationality is the first religion of Albania then that is followed by Islam.It remains a poor country by Western European standards.

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