Accomodating children with special dietary

09-Mar-2018 17:39

DAIRY FOODS AND EGGS: Milk – fresh and long life, plain powdered, canned, evaporated and condensed; infant formula; buttermilk; goats milk; soy beverages and infant formula; cream – canned or fresh; cheeses – plain, block, sliced and sticks (check all processed cheeses for gluten content); plain yoghurt and fruche; plain ice creams and ice confectionery (always check the label for gluten content); eggs – all types.MEAT, FISH AND POULTRY: Fresh, smoked, canned, pickled and salted; canned without sauce or cereal added; ham on the bone.SALAD DRESSINGS: Pure cider vinegar; white vinegar.JAMS AND SPREADS: All jams, marmalade, honey, golden syrup, treacle, maple syrup, molasses and peanut butter (always check the labels for gluten content).Even so it is very important to read the labels of all products to check the gluten content.GRAINS AND FLOURS: Arrowroot, maize (corn), polenta, maize corn, cornmeal, buckwheat and pure buckwheat flour, quinoa, sorghum, sago tapioca, rice (white and brown), wild rice, rice flour, ground rice, rice bran, glutinous rice; pea, gram, lupin, potato, lentil and soya flours.There may be small traces of gluten in the following food additives: modified starch or thickening agent; additive numbers 1400-1450; malt flavouring and malt extract; maltodextrin (of wheat origin); hydrolysed protein (of wheat origin).Safe foods The following is a list of foods which are completely gluten-free and considered safe for people with Coeliac Disease to consume.

FRUIT, SEEDS AND NUTS: All types of fresh, dried, canned, stewed and preserved fruits providing no thickening agent has been added; nuts and seed in shells; shelled or roasted nuts and seeds, provided only salt and/or oil is added.

Foods labelled as ‘gluten-free’ must not contain any detectable gluten.