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25-Jul-2017 08:11

The first mosque in the Outer Hebrides will open this summer after backers raised more than £50,000 in an online appeal.

It is expected to open despite the Presbyterian Free Church urging its followers to pray that 'no mosque will ever appear in Stornoway', the main town on the Isle of Lewis where a house is to be converted.

In a landmark case former soldier Stephen Gane, 31 (left), was found guilty of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship.

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Mary Crumpton, from Chorlton, in Manchester is speaking publicly about her relationships in the hope of allowing others to understand people who follow the practice polyamory.

As the slimmed down funnyman, 44, stepped out before cheering fans at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Lancashire, he took some jabs at disgraced late TV personality Jimmy Saville, whose 2011 death preceded a laundry list of sexual abuse allegations.