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19-Oct-2017 03:07

One of the most serious problems that sex offenders face is finding an appropriate place to live.Zoning or residency restrictions and landlords’ or homeowners’ efforts to keep offenders from moving into their buildings or neighborhoods limit their options.Between 10,000 and 20,000 are released to the community each year[15]. No single factor or combination of factors can fully explain why someone offends sexually, though some factors may combine to increase people’s tendency to offend.These factors are: How Often Do Sex Offenders Reoffend?

Because these technologies are quite expensive and some studies suggest they are most effective with higher-risk offenders[18], these surveillance techniques may be best used with only the highest-risk or violent sex offenders.The following strategies are being used in managing sex offenders who are under community supervision.Convicted sex offenders may be sentenced to probation or parole as a result of a sexual offense, or they may be placed on probation or parole supervision after they have been in prison, jail, or detention.Sex crimes can involve physical contact (e.g., unwanted sexual touching) or no physical contact (e.g., Internet crimes). Sex crimes are unfortunately fairly common in the United States.