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SAM Yes, I suppose, if you broaden the definition to those who can't spell.

On these monitors you'll be seeing the images beamed back from the surface and on this computer screen you'll be able to read the questions being sent in by the kids.

" Well, Stevie, if one of our expert panelists were here, they would tell you the average temperature ranges from 15 degrees to minus 140.

[reads again] Stevie, fourth grader, PS 31, Manhattan, asks, "What is the temperature on Mars? [looking through her papers] That happens to be wrong.

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MARS BRIEFING REHEARSAL - DAY The Tele Promp Ter shows the name 'Galileo' on it and Sam's head pops up. THE WHITE HOUSE MESS - DAY We see busy chefs in the kitchen of White House Mess as the camera pans to Josh and Toby sitting at a table. [looks up] JOSH That's a pretty slow news day in Milwaukee. It reminded me of the way folks in my generation felt when we heard "Yellow Submarine." C.