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THE WEST WING 'GALILEO' WRITTEN BY: KEVIN FALLS & AARON SORKIN DIRECTED BY: ALEX GRAVES TEASER FADE IN: EXT. J., along with other aides behind them are walking down the colonnade. BARTLET Mercury, Apollo, Atlantis, the Sea of Tranquility, the Ocean of Storms... "Unique" means "one of a kind." Something can't be very unique, nor can it be extremely historic. While we're at it, do we have to use the word "live" twice in the first two sentences like we just cracked the technology? Eleven months ago a 1200 pound spacecraft blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

BARTLET First time I heard 'Galileo V,' the way the imagination immediately... BARTLET We really did all want to live in a yellow submarine.

The crewmembers of the NASA Public Affairs are around the place.

MARS BRIEFING REHEARSAL - DAY The Tele Promp Ter shows the name 'Galileo' on it and Sam's head pops up.

[to Josh] Congratulations, you're choosing the next stamp.

[comes out of her office again] A Martian year is 687 days. [clears throat] Did you see this morning's news report? [picks up coffee cup and drinks] TOBY The Milwaukee Journal is quoting an unnamed White House source as saying the President doesn't like green beans. LEO You want to mock people or let me talk to Toby? LEO The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee has recommended to the Postmaster General that Marcus Aquino be put on the next stamp issue. " Well, Stevie, if one of our expert panelists were here, they would tell you the average temperature ranges from 15 degrees to minus 140.

THE WEST WING 'GALILEO' WRITTEN BY KEVIN FALLS & AARON SORKIN DIRECTED BY ALEX GRAVES TEASER FADE IN EXT. THE WHITE HOUSE COLONNADE - DAY Bartlet and C. J. along with other aides behind them are walking down the colonnade.… continue reading »

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WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD! by John W. Cones, Esq. Please wait while this loads… continue reading »

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