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NARRATION: There are a number of treatments used to block these signals, but often theyre ineffective.Laura Black: I've been through pretty much every recognised treatment for CRPS. Laura Black: They do yeah, but unfortunately for me it didn't work.Laura Black: Ah, the worst ones can be hours and hours. Laura Black: I was hiking with some friends and it was just sort of basic teenage clumsiness I guess, I fell over a rock. But the pain persisted for months even though her injury had healed. Dr Maryanne Demasi: What did the doctor say to you? It feels like somebody's got a red hot corkscrew and they're they're twisting it through my bones. Nerve fibres in the spinal cord release neurotransmitters that send messages to thalamus in the brain. The thalamus triggers other areas of the brain and returns messages to nerve cells in order to diminish pain signals. You know I've gone from sort of you know a very happy person, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, to somebody who's trapped inside. Dr Maryanne Demasi: Pain is essential for survival. Now if I wave my hand over this flame, it hurts and the pain warns me to stop.

Laura Black: You find yourself thinking well, why me? Michael Cousins: If you can imagine having pain every day and every night, even for a week, it's not too hard to imagine that you might start to feel helpless and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is right up the top of the severity scale.Dr Maryanne Demasi: For many, surgical procedures and medications dont eliminate the pain. My disease also caused me to lose track of where I was at times, it caused severe nausea and vomiting for days on end, and awful "rushing" feelings in my head and terrible ringing in my ears.So thats when they come here to learn to manage their pain and get on with their lives. Michael Nicholas: So the first step is really to identify what does this person wants to achieve. At times, I'd be on fire from my neck to my toes, and could not stand to be touched or bumped in any way.She even completed her honours degree in veterinary science.

But in the years that ensued, Lauras worst fears were confirmed.

On the other hand chronic pain or persistent pain as I prefer to call it, is bad pain.

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