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28-Apr-2017 20:28

Weave yarn tail through remaining 6 sts and pull to close. Arms (optional, make 2) Leaving an 18 inch yarn tail, ch 12 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring. Ch 3, and in the next st, work (1 tr, ch 3, sl st), sl st in next st. Keep working in the round and don’t squish the tube. Here’s the quick pattern I used for Ricardio’s eyes.

After your last end, work 1 more hdc in the next st, and 1 more sc in the following st, and then sl st to the next stop to join. Row 1: Ch 3, sk 1 st, (1 tr, ch 3, sl st), sl st in next st. Legs (optional, make 2) Repeat Rnds 1 – 15 of Arms. Now you can embellish and decorate your heart pillow however you like! On the other side of your foundation ch, work 2 hdc evenly.

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I worked 15 rnds, but you can work as many or as few as you like, depending on how long you want the warms. Squish the opening of the tube in half, so that you’ll be working through two layers of crochet at the same time, forming the hand and closing up the opening at the same time. In my photos, I chose NOT to stuff the arms and legs, so that they would flop around more, but again, this is entirely up to you, and if you wish to stuff them, remember to do it before you sew them to the heart!

You can choose whether or not to stuff the arms and legs. (2 hdc), 2 hdc, (2 hdc) 5 times, 2 hdc, (2 hdc) 4 times. (upper lip finished) Then work sl st, sl st, 12 sc evenly, sl st, sl st. Break off leaving about 24 inches of yarn for sewing.

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Let’s squeeze out one more heart-shaped pattern before Valentine’s Day!