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17-Nov-2017 20:37

20 Aug - TVB actress Aimee Chan is excited about her first day of work as she appeared on the set of her comeback movie, "Sun Moon Star" (working title).

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who wore glasses and a matching grey blazer and skirt for her role as a teacher, shared that it has been two years since she did her last movie, "Let's Eat!

She didn't have the strength to feel heartbroken, she said: "Actually, we haven't kept in touch, but that's not important! Canada isn't a bad choice and besides the living expenses isn't too high to raise children there!

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When the Bernice and Moses breakup was mentioned in the interview, Bernice was very surprised: "I was really disturbed at the time.Since 2005, the rumors with Moses started, and since then the dating and breakup rumors came continuously.Later it was said I was dating Alastair Lam and even dumped Moses for him. Actually he's not married, I'm not married, meeting up for dinner is a very normal thing." Bernice said: "I am still longing to be in a relationship, just my mentality differs from when I was in my early 20s.When I was laying in the hospital bed facing a major surgery, he just had to announce 'the past is the past' to describe our relationship. First off, he and I never admitted that we dated, so why was he saying that? I was in fact more worried about my surgery, whether if I could stand up and walk again after the surgery." During the time Bernice was in the hospital, Moses never once visited her. I will think more of the future, and will fulfill all the duties of a mother after marriage, have children and have hopes that my future spouse will have the same idea.

They were caught dating in May 2013. aimee chan moses chan tvb tvb couples hong kong hong kong celebrities tvb series tvb drama hong kong artist tvb artist. 17 notes… continue reading »

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