Akatsuki dating flash game

21-Dec-2017 15:07

"Sitting." Deidara sat down opposite to him, smirking. There's not a chance in hell she'd choose you over me." As far as Sasori was concerned, he was the hottest member of the Akatsuki, minus Itachi. " They were about to beat the living shit out of each other, but Itachi just happened to be walking by, and broke them up. I was voted most sexy at the Mangent last year, remember? The rest of the Akatsuki slowly walked in, wanting to see the fight between the two. " Hidan was covered in blood, having just come back from a ritual."Oh, were just arguing about who Tsuki picks, un.

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SHUT THE HELL UP." Tsuki was fuming now, and that made them stop fighting."Nice job at pissing her off, Deidara.""What?! "If you guys want me so bad, then why don't we make this a game."They all looked at her, now with a curious look in their eyes.

Dunno if I'm just lazy, but I wish the stats were at max first and not us clicking them 356 times.

Jul 15, 2009. Edit Okai this game is getting out of hand. It's old and I'm not into Flash anymore so don't ask questions about it! It was made only for the lols anywa. NaruSasu Dating Game Part 2.… continue reading »

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Sep 3, 2009. LMAO, okay so I was bored. x"D Pff, I've been wanting to do some kind of dating sim for a while but i don't know how it works in flash. Dating. I really really want to play a game like this, cause there are not many good Yaoi games out there so I would really love it if it was made into a game. Oooooooh.… continue reading »

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Dec 12, 2007. tobi gets a craving for an akatsuki game night, but after a while, it gets out of hand. my first flash on newgrounds i've had 3 more on youtube, but the quality there is kinda crappy so thats why this ones going here. its about the akatsuki from naruto and what happens when a game. Sort By Date Rating.… continue reading »

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