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The Hakai researchers also believe that the discovery is a clue as to how humans made their way to the Americas, a land mass that our species is not native to.The leading theory is that ancient humans crossed over via the Bering Land Bridge that once connected Russia to Alaska before sea levels rose and covered the land bridge around 11,000 years ago.A 14,000-year-old settlement has been discovered in British Columbia by Canadian researchers working in conjunction with local First Nations.This makes it one of the oldest known settlements in North America.Our is a unique dating site specifically catered to people over 50.The company focuses on the interests of people in a certain age range who want a place to feel confident and comfortable while seeking a potential date.The first complex civilization that we know of (Sumer) is about 6,500 years old. Significantly, this means that Triquet Island was inhabited by humans during the previous Ice Age which ended 11,700 years ago.If this is the case then it means the island was not heavily affected by the rise in sea levels when the Ice Age ended and sea levels rose.

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That honor goes to the Bluefish Caves in Yukon, Canada."Heiltsuk oral history talks of a strip of land in that area where the excavation took place.It was a place that never froze during the ice age and it was a place where our ancestors flocked to for survival," said William Housty, a member of Heiltsuk Nation, to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).Zoosk is a singles dating app that uses a behavioral matchmaking engine to pair users who its system indicates will be a good match.

The app is available in over 80 countries and has over 27 million searchable members., also known as Plenty Of Fish, is an online dating site headquartered in Vancouver.