American dating sites for british

05-Feb-2017 15:16

If you’re a man with a penchant for dating different nationalities, but you’re struggling to decide whether a sexy Spanish senorita, an enchanting Estonian or a sultry Swede is the right girl for you – perhaps what you really need is a British bombshell!

Here are ten reasons you should think about dating a British girl.

A hundred years ago a typical family placed the man at the ‘head’, while his wife was in charge of the day-to-day running of all household activities.

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The idea of social classes is much more powerful than that of ethnicity, and people frequently characterise themselves as working class or middle class.

They are well sought after throughout the world because most women require a stable partner with a great sense of humour.

Of course, most other cultures are aware that men and women from England are open and friendly. There are many other benefits to having a relationship with an English male.

Although few admit to being upper class, in principle there are three classes, with the highest reserved for the aristocratic inheritors of old, landed-wealth.

The term "social class" has complex meanings with social, economic, and political dimensions.

Most English guys know how to dress smartly, how to format clever jokes, and how to organise a perfect evening for their partner. For example: Dating a British guy is a little different to dating someone from another culture.

I may not have gone on a first date in over a decade but this much I know dating in Britain happens at night. There's alcohol involved. And if you don't end the night with a snog and cursory fumble then it's safe to assume that one or possibly both parties was more turned on by the cutlery you used at dinner than the person.… continue reading »

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