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15-Nov-2017 18:30

So there should be time, assuming the code loop is tight enough and the operating system doesn't delay the sending and receiving too much. The entire read/write cycle took far too long, well beyond one revolution of the disk.The Arduino side was probably fast enough, but the OS wasn't responsive enough.So after successfully being able to read disks, I figured if you want to keep the original physical medium, you might want to write disks back again.I figured I'd work this out in reverse, starting with the software (i.e.: converting the ADF disk files into MFM data for the interface to write So I started by adding classes to read an ADF disk, and encode all the sectors as one track.I suspected that changing the status of the CTX line didn't instantly stop the flow of data and the computer may still send a character or two.Possibly by the time I had signaled the CTX line, it was already in the process of sending the next character.This meant that it took roughly 5.5 u Sec to send each character, and 5.5 u Sec to receive one back.The Arduino would need to write out 8 bits, at 500khz, so it would need a new byte every 16 u Sec.

At this point I had only encoded one track, so I decided to run the entire algorithm to encode all 80 tracks. This did make sense and would prevent accidental writing of tracks while moving the head around.

Whilst at it, I pulled the entire machine out and set about cleaning up 20 years of dust and grime. I then checked all of the joints on the main motherboard and found a loose connection by the power connector, a few touchups with the soldering iron and as good as new.

Sep 2, 2013. Example Dir S Files Diskchange Format Diskchange Device/A Purpose Tell Amigados that a disk has been swapped in a non-autosensing disk drive. Parameters Not = Reverse boolean result, Warn = Test warn flag from previous command, Error = Test error flag from previous command, Fail = Test.… continue reading »

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AmigaDOS Error Codes. Below is a list of error codes given by AmigaDOS commands. To view description of a code enter command Fault number. Code 103. Description Insufficient free store or memory. Code 213. Description Disk not validated. Solution Wait for disk to be validated or repair disk. Code 214… continue reading »

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