Amish dating beliefs

17-Jan-2017 03:32

Like the kettle and the blender, the washing machine is a chronically underrated appliance that turns an arduous, day-long endeavor into a few simple button pushes.

Though most of today’s washing machines require a pretty healthy amount of electricity, some can be powered using a diesel generator.

(For clarity, we’re talking about the foot-powered scooters shown above, not the wasp-like Vespas you see all over Europe or on college campuses.) What’s perhaps even more perplexing is that the Amish also have no real qualms regarding roller blades, an item that most people wouldn’t classify as old-fashioned.

When their clothes are eventually dry, they iron them with a traditional, stove-heated iron.

Though they may opt for the horse-drawn buggy over the convenience of a car, you may be surprised by the cell phones clipped to their belts and the sunglasses shielding their eyes as they cruise down the highways of Pennsylvania.

Amish beliefs play a major role in their desire to live separate from society. Learn how this affects everything from their faith to their clothing.… continue reading »

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