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My husband thought he looked like Spike from Buffy the Vampire, and with his white-blond hair and swagger, I thought that was a fair comparison.Where the show fell down for me was in the story line.

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Spring Awakening Tour Archives: Day at Chicago Beach During these frigid winter months of record breaking snowstorms, we take you back into the SA Tour archives of a warm summer day, Chicago beach style.

Most of the Broadway critics seemed to cheer the show chiefly because: a) it’s about sex; b) it’s about teens; and c) it features a rock score.

None of these factors in itself is new or necessarily an advantage.

While the first act is all about discovery and confusion, my husband noted that the second act could have been called "Rude Awakening." The second half of the play seemed to reinforce nothing good can come of sex, including death, despair, and reform school.

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There didn't seem to be any sense of redemption or reconciliation, though the closing number talks of hope of rebirth and regeneration.

It's quirky, creative, and fun, with serious cautionary messages for teens and adults.