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My husband thought he looked like Spike from Buffy the Vampire, and with his white-blond hair and swagger, I thought that was a fair comparison.Where the show fell down for me was in the story as theater chiefly because of the intelligence and sensitivity with which librettist Sater, composer Sheik and director Michael Mayer have adapted Wedekind’s play into musical form.

Spring Awakening Tour: Matt Doyle's Last Day It's so hard to say goodbye - but alas, Matt Doyle departs the tour after 2 years and 1 month since his SA Broadway debut.Most of the Broadway critics seemed to cheer the show chiefly because: a) it’s about sex; b) it’s about teens; and c) it features a rock score.None of these factors in itself is new or necessarily an advantage.I can understand why this show has such a large teen following, particularly for kids who feel marginalized or that their parents just don't understand the pressures they feel.

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Our town recently been rocked by a serious of very public and painful teen suicides that has ripped the fabric of our community.

He tightens the play’s focus on the three friends at the story’s center: outspoken Melchior, ahead of his classmates in grasping the facts of life; Wendla, the inquisitive innocent who becomes his lover; and Moritz, the outcast whom the schoolmasters are determined to flunk.

Dec 29, 2009. Here is a listing of Spring Awakening's dates and times. Kyle Riabko and Christy Altomare have been touring together in the National Tour of Spring Awakening, and now they are back in LA to share some of their original. Andy Mientus striking a pose while waiting in line.he's great at multi-tasking.… continue reading »

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Team Ivy and Team Karen have nothing on Team Kyle.… continue reading »

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Nov 2, 2008. KINDRED SPIRITS Wendla and Melchior Christy Altomare and Kyle Riabko share mutual attraction and a similar cynicism with the adult world in "Spring Awakening" at the Ahmanson Theatre. Expand. The boys' schoolmate Hanschen Andy Mientus explores his homosexual urges. Homeless Ilse.… continue reading »

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I have some bootlegs you guys. so these are all the bootlegs i have. just message me if you want anything. i trade but i'm also totally open to gifting. RULES maximum of two bootlegs gifted. no proper limit on trading, just common sense tbh. i'm not a monster, i promise updated 30/3/18 british date yo.… continue reading »

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