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‘He got his agent to call my agent,’ smiles Brooklyn.Flattered but cautious, she ignored his incessant requests for a date. Their first date was dinner and a comedy show, and he won her over. This is the man I’m going to marry.”’ How did she know he was the one?It was a chance encounter with another model in a shopping mall at 16 that led to an agent and then casting and then, two years later, a move to New York.‘I was 18, living in New York alone – and I’d never left North Carolina! ‘Suddenly I had to know what the best angle on my face was.It’s just a very different world.’ Work was slow; Brooklyn has a famously great figure, but it’s not one befitting the designer catwalks.

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‘It’s empowering and thrilling; all of a sudden they’re handing me a machine gun.’ Eyes lighting up, she wields an imaginary weapon and shoots the air. We built forts, we hiked, we went camping and they wanted us to be independent,’ she says.So you have to work extra hard hoping that they’ll see something more in you than just the way you look. My hair was messed up and I had bruises on my legs and cuts on my arms.’Brooklyn describes Rihanna, who plays a naval officer, as ‘a sweetheart, a total team player.As soon as I got Just Go With It, I left the modelling world behind, which is a big thing to do when you’re at the top.’Brooklyn is opinionated and intelligent, nailing both the action (battling extraterrestrial beings, running from explosions) and the feistiness of her Battleship character. She is wildly successful in her world, yet she’s taking a chance to learn.In the world according to me, sitting in a suite of a beachside Santa Monica hotel opposite this 5ft 11in creature, all startling sky-blue eyes and Angelina pout, she is anything but ordinary.