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During his very first Shokugeki, Sōma was greeted by unanimous boos and jeers.While most are hostile towards him, some have developed friendships and even friendly rivalries with him.Sōma's performance at the Finals of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election showed everyone how impressive his skills are despite the numerous times he has faced students who, in their minds, clearly outclassed Sōma at that point in terms of skills displayed thus far.Sōma would return this respect and admiration back to the rest of the 92nd Generation during the Promotion Exam's Régiment de Cuisine, expressing his belief that he would not be the chef he is today without them constantly challenging and inspiring him, and that he was proud of being part of their class.Though Erina tried to intimidate Soma by saying that everyone else had been in culinary education since middle school while he had not, Soma was left unfazed since he has been cooking in a professional setting for 12 years, compared to the minimum 3 years of formal education training the others have.Since that day, Erina's main goal has been to make Soma's school life as miserable as possible or refute his skills such as vocally revoking Soma's participation in the Autumn Election, though the notion was overruled.Erina sees Sōma as an imperfection in her otherwise flawless world and looks down upon him mostly due to his humble, less prestigious background.In Sōma's initial entrance exam in which she was the judge, she was impressed by Sōma's dish, however, a mixture of her pride and Soma's cockiness caused her to reject him from the school.

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At the entrance ceremony, Erina was present as Sōma was introduced as a last minute entrant.Any mention of his name sends Erina into a spiral of frustration and anger.Erina also tries to make clear of their difference in status and skill, though with little success due to Sōma not caring or simply misunderstanding what she is saying.The lifting up of our hands is not just a nice worshipful act; it often brings down the anointing of the Lord (Ex.

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