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03-Nov-2017 23:06

This is less invasive with faster healing than normal surgery, says Dr Bob Khanna, of the Ascot Clinic, ­Berkshire, the first dentist in the UK to use the technique. An injection can reverse the ‘numb mouth’ feeling of an ­anaesthetic, which can last for hours after ­dental work.

The injections contain the chemical phentolamine, which unblocks nerve channels and speeds up blood flow.

It avoids the need for potentially painful gum disease treatments.’ Now, at some surgeries.

Cardiff University scientists have discovered cheek cells which act in a similar way to stem cells — so they have the potential to turn into ­different types of cell and could grow new tissue, such as gum tissue.

This means the anaesthetic is washed away by the body quicker.

Dr Anoop Maini, director of the Aqua Dental Spa, London, says: ‘Your mouth could have feeling again in half the time.’ Within two years.

‘We realised that wounds in the mouth heal a lot more quickly than wounds to the skin, so we investigated what may be ­responsible for this,’ explains Phil Stephens, professor of cell biology at Cardiff University’s Tissue ­Engineering and ­Reparative ­Dentistry ­Department.The anaesthetic works only on top teeth, as the upper jaw bone is more porous and has more holes / channels for it to flow through.Dr Uchenna Okoye, of ­dental practice ­, claims 90 per cent of patients suffer more pain from the injection in their gums than the tooth that was worked on. pharmaceutical firm St Renatus is ­carrying out trials for a spray or nasal drops. The Periowave™ wand uses light therapy to activate chemicals applied to the mouth to kill ­bacteria that can cause gum ­disease and tooth decay.Try out the free online demo right in the browser, or purchase today on Steam!

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