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If you think you may have overdosed on a drug or know someone who has, seek immediate medical attention.

You can also contact the National Poison Control Center website or call them at 1-800-222-1222 for more information.

It is not usually used as a first line defense for the treatment of insomnia.

Benadryl is not recommended if you are suffering from asthma, glaucoma, heart disease, liver disease, mood changes, seizures, overactive thyroid gland or kidney problems.

This means it has an effect on small blood vessels, resulting in dilated capillaries (redness), and leakage of protein-rich fluid into surrounding skin (swelling).

Histamine affects nearby nerves resulting in itching.

Thanks, Trippy Dear Trippy, Highs from a range of sources (natural or induced) can be exciting and compelling.

It is the most sedating antihistamine and is commonly used to treat drug induced EPS (extrapyramidal symptoms), movement disorders associated with drug withdrawal.

Benadryl is often used in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers as a non-addictive sleep aid for those who have detoxed from drugs, especially where benzodiazepines cannot be prescribed.

It is possible for someone to overdose on an antihistamine.

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Some of the symptoms include: The symptoms of overdose or toxic levels of diphenhydramine usually appear within the first two hours after taking it.Histamine is stored in Antihistamines are medications that counteract the effect of the natural chemical histamine.They are valuable drugs to reduce symptoms due to allergic diseases, especially those mediated by histamine.Some possible short-term effects include: As you can see, there’s a range of reported effects of the drug and they could be interpreted as either positive or negative.