Are tegan quin and lindsey byrnes still dating

01-Apr-2017 21:57

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What fascinates me are the things that have hurt me, not the things that have made me feel good.thinking to herself, "What the hell are you talking about? " So there’s a little bit of fiction in it, in that it’s not something that was happening in my life at that moment. And I also remember when I was just getting into the relationship that I’m in now, I was feeling panicked, because it had been years since I’d been in a serious relationship.But if you want it to be a pop song, and you want it to be heard by more people than ever before, we’re gonna have to take some chances with the production, and we’re gonna push this song into a completely different emotional place." And on our last couple of records (), I probably would’ve said, "Absolutely not. Let’s blast it off into space—whatever we need to do, let’s do it!That’s not what the song is about, so it needs to be preserved and protected." But with Greg, I didn’t feel any of those hesitations. " And we’re very cognizant of the ‘80s influence that probably happened very early on in our development, when we were kids.So I think that as storytellers, it’s not necessarily important that it just happened—the blood doesn’t have to be fresh, I guess is what I’m saying.

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Fuse News recently spoke to Tegan & Sara about the future of marriage equality rights and whether they plan on walking down the aisle any time soon.

I was concerned it would drum up so much negativity that I would start to feel bad.