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Of special interest are examples of the XVIIth century monetary system.

They are closely linked to monetary reforms introduced by Tsar Aleksey Michailovich who instigated the campaign against the illegal importation of counterfeit money from Europe.

All of these exhibits give a very vivid picture of daily life in the Xth and XIIth centuries when the Customs began as a revenue collected by the so – called Mytnic Brigades, who were responsible for the trading and transit of Myto Duties.

At the end of the XIIIth century and at the beginning of the XIVth century the Mytnic Brigades were superseded by Tamgachey collectors of the Mongolian Khan Horde who collected the so-called Tamgha Duty.

Revenue collection was entrusted to the Russian Principalities and by the XIVth century the right to collect the duties and be customs officials could be inherited in some towns, villages and small administrative settlements, the volosty.

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The Trading Charter adopted on the 25th October 1653 and the Novotorgovy (New Package) Trading Act, dating back to 1667 seem to be the basic customs legislative documents ever to have been agreed upon in Russia.

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