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31-Jan-2017 15:00

The Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners: Asian-Owned Firms: 2012 (released in Dec.

2015) provides a very comprehensive examination of the basic demographic and economic characteristics of Asian-owned small businesses in the U.

As White small business owners sell their businesses in inner cities (i.e., Jews and Italians in New York in the 1980s), Asian immigrants take over in these areas. These businesses tend to offer easy entry but also involve high risks of losses or failures (i.e, garment, groceries and restaurants, personal services, and retail sales).

Finally, there is the theory of Structural Opportunities, which has three separate sub-theories or "models." The first is the model.The second theory emphasizes Cultural Traits or Ethnic Resources.This theory says that immigrants chose to go into business for themselves when they apply their cultural traditions of working hard, delaying material gratification, and sacrificing for the next generation.Further, we know that the second and later generations of Asian Americans are increasing in size and as a result, helping to further integrate the Asian American community into the mainstream.