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Do not bind the Grid View on every Post Back as it gets populated again when you Post Back the page and the data you have entered whilein edit mode got lost as the Grid binds again. Is Post Back) block, you will not get the issue there after.

Protected Sub grid_Row Inserting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Dev Express. Row Inserting Dim grid As ASPx Grid View = (Try Cast(sender, ASPx Grid View)) Dim chk As Check Box= grid. Columns("name_colum"), "name Check Box") Dim marcada as Boolean = chk.

Row Updating Dim f File Attachment As File Upload = CType(Me. To save the file you need to use the File Upload control’s Save As method. Get All Bytes to get its image bytes and assign it to the Sql Data Source (Update Command).

The following is an example of a Sql Data Source control where an Image parameter is added, and where the Select- and Update Command are specified (The Image parameter represents the filename that will be passed to the Update Commnad): " ID="Sql Data Source1" runat="server" Select Command="SELECT [Customer ID], [Name], [Image] FROM [Customers]" Update Command="UPDATE [Customers] SET [Name] = @Name, [Image] = @Image WHERE [Customer ID] = @original_Customer ID" The File Upload control, will not automatically save the uploaded file. I think you should put an File Uploder into the Grid View, and say that you should get the specific file through its text, and use File.

Save As(path) End If End Sub Hi try this example: To add a File Upload control to your Grid View, you first need to add an Item Template Field.

When you have the instance of the Gird View’s row, you can use the Find Control method to locate the File Upload control. Find Control("new File"), File Upload) Dim old File As label = CType(Noticias.

New Edit Index; Data Bind Grid View(); // this is a method which assigns the Data Source and calls Grid View1.

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now on the Row Editing event i need to get the selected value of dropdownlist of country and then i will set that value as Ddlcountry.selectedvalue=value; so that when dropdownlist of edit item template appears it will show the selected value not the 0 index of dropdownlist. Data Bind() Drop Down List Ddl Country = Grid View1.

In the Row Updating event the Image parameter added to the Update Paramters collection will be set to the name of the uploaded file. Row Updating Dim new File As File Upload = CType(Noticias.