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Why we have an effect like Attraction, and why and when it happens. Every girl out there has a different set of switches, cause it really depends on their culture, their childhood, their beliefs and their age, plus few other minor things... Switching on those switches is also 'demonstrating personality'. Crouching would just make you look insecure and/or like a weirdo. I would kill for a couple inches, you just need to smile very often, be the big teddy bear..big sexy teddy bear!The easiest way to understand and explain this, is something known as 'Switches theory’. everything we have in our minds are switches -- Women would have switches such as "Is he attractive? But there are some common switches you must turn ON to all girls out there: --He must be a challenge --Alpha --Interesting --Unpredictable --Good average looking --Not needy --Is he good at sex? --Rapport --Comfort --Trust Now, those switches can be either ON or OFF, there is no value in-between... You can do it by stories, routines, jokes or actions... Legend/Badboy gave you A LOT of good info there, I think you should re-read it.what do you think about this guy just from this photo? I switched On like 10 switches just by the way I look and behave. That’s like 5 X 5 minutes = 25 minutes to get a girl. Of course you can convey all those things through conversation, and that's fine. Here is what others have said: • He has lot of confidence • He looks like some bad boy or really adventurous guy • Good looking (average) • He is drinking expensive cocktails, so probably he has some money… Ok switches I haven’t flipped yet: I don’t have trust, rapport, I am not romantic, interesting... After reading a few books on body language i've picked up on a few things that I've been practicing not doing (crossing my arms, frowning, etc).


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It felt quite safe and was at the end of the beach which meant not anybody could just walk through which was nice and not very busy at this time of year.and is this a valid concern or just one of those AFC self-defeating questions?Thanks in Advance, I know you guys will dole out some great advice Edit: Crap I think I posted this in the wrong forum *duck* can someone move it where it should be Yes!!! I've had many friends that played this role in my life, and they got girls!Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the show to its audience is the fact that these situations are portrayed realistically and many episodes feature plots that are relevant to current issues among teens.