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Carly Foulkes (born August 4, 1988), also known colloquially as The T-Mobile Girl, is a Canadian model and actress who became known for appearing in a series of T-Mobile my Touch 4G television commercials, in which she often wore pink/magenta-and-white summer dresses.

She continued as spokeswoman in other T-Mobile ads in which she was depicted as a pink-and-black leather-clad biker girl.

We’ve collected the most beloved commercials on television and dug a little deeper to get the skinny on the actors behind the characters we all know and love; it was an interesting find, to say the least. The Dos Equis beer commercial initially wanted a young stud for the role of their on-screen representative, but went with actor Jonathan Goldsmith when his wife and manager told producers that if they wanted to cast someone with the title ‘the most interesting man in the world’, they needed someone with more experience and look to him than a young 20-something, and she was right!

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He made the AT&T commercial infinitely better with his straight-faced yet hilarious approach to complex situations that are in fact very simple.

Prior to his role as the Old Spice guy, he was with the NFL for a short time, as well as had some small parts in productions like Ugly Betty. The Orbit commercial is one of the best on the market and is still running in the US.

Using a former athlete for the commercial was a smart move on the side of Old Spice, appealing to men and women alike. The woman behind the line, “just brushed, fresh, clean feeling. Branch has also been in other productions, such as The Pirates of the Caribbean.

She served as the T-Mobile spokesman primarily from fall 2010 until spring 2013, with occasional appearances since then.

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In 2001, at age 13, Foulkes began modeling in the Toronto area.Here we see actress Rachelle Wood being used for that year’s commercial.Wood is an actress with credits such as, How I Met Your Mother, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Rules of Engagement. We all know and love Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercial.Most of us love watching television, and watching the tube means that we are exposed to countless commercials.

As AT&T shows, kids know how to give the most adorable, entertaining responses to the simplest of questions! After Beck Bennett immediately gets the idea these interviewees believe bigger is better than smaller, he asks why having a big treehouse is better than having a small one. Apparently, if you want to own a.… continue reading »

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Oct 2, 2016. This married man is having a difficult time deciding whether or not to go to the movies with his friend on Tuesday. On Ticket Twosdays, AT&T Wireless customers can bring a friend to the movies for free.… continue reading »

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Sometimes, speed dating can get a little awkward. But, this specific date gets super awkward, super fast. After the man gushes about how he wants the whole package the kids, the house, etc. the woman reads on her dating app that he had written "never getting married" on his profile. Also, she can't ignore the fact that he.… continue reading »

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Jul 9, 2012. I laugh every time I see this commercial. Literally the opposite of Garrus.. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. neurotictingilings nahui4 months ago. That creepy smile tho. . Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Jason Alredge4 years ago. This commercial was so funny! That guy was such a prick! Who is the actor.… continue reading »

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