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Perform the following steps to enable "Network discovery" on the target Server: - Navigate to the target system's Control Panel - Select "Network and Sharing Center" - In the "Sharing and Discovery" section, set "Network discovery" to "On" 8.

Q: Looking at my systems, I see "System Is Down" for a server - can you tell me how this is determined? A: The connection state shows ' ON or ' OFF' under device summary table in the LHS.

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While a permanent solution to this issue has not been identified by VMware as of 13 March 2013, the following steps can be followed to create a persistent cron job to restart the wsman service once a day.A: A task with only one device cannot be stopped once the execution has started. Q: Why does the OME Task Manager crash when the username used has a \p in remote tasks. A: Make sure DSM Essentials Task Manager service is running in Windows services 2.Q: Why are devices discovered with WMI getting classified as Unknown?A: If you have an Antivirus Client installed on your system, you will need to configure it to allow emails. Q: Does OME support Power control options for 8G servers?

A: Yes, Power ON (option available in Server Power Options Task), and Power OFF (option available when used in IPMI command line task, in Arguments field use: chassis power off) works on 8G servers with BMC.

If you have confirmed that OMSA is correctly installed on the managed node, then check the SNMP settings. Bring up on the managed node and go to the properties page for "SNMP Service".

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