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Note: If the 8G server has a DRAC4 over BMC, make sure the DRAC4 IP is pingable in Troubleshoot tool using IPMI protocol.If the RMCP ping fails, the power tasks will likely be failing.If you have confirmed that OMSA is correctly installed on the managed node, then check the SNMP settings. Bring up on the managed node and go to the properties page for "SNMP Service".On the Security tab, there is a radio button for "Accept SNMP Packets from any host" and "...packets from these hosts".A: After OME installation, follow these steps: - From Start-Open Manage Essentials - Right click on "Open Manage Essentials" and click "Edit Bindings". - Restart OME Netmon, Task manager and IIS services Note: Please do not modify http port number either in registry or IIS. Q: Installation of OME takes longer on Windows 2008 SP2 X64bit. A: Installation of IIS roles services takes longer to install on Windows 2008 SP2 X64bit which causes OME installation time to increase. Q: What troubleshooting can I do if a software update task or remote task fails to be created or executed?A: Make sure DSM Essentials Task Manager service is running in Windows services. Q: Why am I not receiving emails after setting up email alert action? Q: Can I upgrade my OME 1.0 Open Evaluation installation to the new OME 1.0.1 version? When OME 1.0.1 ships, you will be able to easily install it over your 1.0 Open Evaluation instance. Q: I cannot install Open Manage Essentials using a remote SQL Database Named instance?

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While a permanent solution to this issue has not been identified by VMware as of 13 March 2013, the following steps can be followed to create a persistent cron job to restart the wsman service once a day.

A: A task with only one device cannot be stopped once the execution has started. Q: Why does the OME Task Manager crash when the username used has a \p in remote tasks. A: Make sure DSM Essentials Task Manager service is running in Windows services 2.