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MORE: Live video chats latest online dating trend MORE: Texting upends dating culture MORE: What singles want in a partner This fourth annual survey, provided exclusively to USA TODAY, asked 137 questions about dating, relationships and sex, including "How much money do you spend on your dating life (seeking dates and on dates) per month?

"Like Doggett, many singles aren't spending a lot on dating-related services — the average in the survey was just .69 a month, compared with .84 spent on going out and socializing.

Still, the monthly amount most singles spend is low, says anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, who helped develop the survey."A lot of singles are not dating at all," she says.

"If you're trying to make a marriage work, you're more likely to grow apart if you're living in a separate place."Clinical psychologist Wendy Walsh of Los Angeles, who also wasn't involved with the survey, says findings seem to "correlate with all the research that shows people want bonded relationships that are based on love and healthy attachment.""While they may be shirking cultural convention, they still want love," she says.Always superstitious, always avid of the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous, crawling in misfortune, and insolent in prosperity.Here are what were the Jews in the eyes of the Greeks and the Romans who could read their books." ~ , Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771) "If the race is in danger of being oppressed or even exterminated, the question of legality is only of secondary importance." "The world is not for faint-hearted races" If this negro was not filthy rich this race traitor white woman would not give him a second look.Name one other White female Olympic gold medalist who has whored herself out to Blacks. The Backstory of her Alliance with the Black Man Much of this race treason revolves around her steroid use warping her reference and self-perception, and wanting to compete against men in skiing.

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When she was turned down by the ruling committee of skiing at the start of the 2012 season, she began crashing and going with Woods as she felt the "All White Male Federation International du Ski FIS" was "keeping her down" so deluded she was by her steroid use.

Of those surveyed, 88% spent nothing on more focused dating efforts and 38% spent nothing on dating-related activities.

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