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The university has also been criticised for offering a £75 prize for the best African history thesis – while rewarding £500 for the best history thesis overall.Second-year history student Billy Nuttall, who campaigned for more prize money, said fewer than 10 students at Magdalen College were from black or ethnic minority backgrounds.If you're interested in riding in less-regulated spots and getting into the backcountry, take a class with a pro or hire a qualified guide to show you the ropes.Oxford University students will now have to take a paper on black or Asian history after complaints the curriculum was ‘too white’.The student, who welcomed the change, said school pupils had told him they consider the university as ‘too rich’ and ‘too white’.

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Though Moore no longer competes, he's been a member of the Volcom team since 2013, and now brings his expertise to teaching avalanche safety and developing workwear-inspired gear for the next generation of riders.You should also avoid riding terrain that has dangerous cornices (overhanging edges of snow on a ridge or crest of a mountain) and unsupported slopes. "New snow, high winds, or rising temperatures" are alarm bells in avalanche forecasting, Moore says.If you're in an avalanche, "do your best to get off the slab [a thick, cohesive layer of snow] and make it to a flank or a high point of safety as quickly as possible," Moore says.Just make sure your batteries are full, and that your probe is working properly.

Also wise to bring along: A First-Aid kit, as well as a way to communicate when cell service gets spotty.If you get "taken for a ride," as Moore describes it, the best thing you can do is "get your body into a position where you are seated on your butt with feet point downhill, using a backstroke swimming technique to try to keep your body on top of the snow".The avalanche will eventually start to settle down.There's one thing that all skiers and snowboarders look forward to every year: the first day the slopes officially open to riders.