Beautiful redheads dating

26-Jun-2017 18:29

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Maybe it’s the contrast between fair skin and rich hair color.

Maybe it’s the rarity; red hair occurs in only 2% of earth’s population.

This is legit the only one I've found so report back in the comments.9. She looks like a totally different person, but even more beautiful, if that's even possible. July: She actually looks insanely tan because all her freckles have melded together to make a fran (freckle tan).

January: If it wasn't for her hair you'd lose her in the snow.13. Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest coloring combination in the world.

So, we made a website dedicated to them and those who desire them.

Freckles are super cute and we love fire red hair here. An annual festival in the Netherlands, Redhead Day, attracts participants from around the world.

The Bosnia-based, self-taught photographer calls the eye-catching series of portraits "Freckled." And while there are certainly plenty of beautifully spotted faces in her photographs, we still can't get past all the swoon-worthy red hair.

Mr Dowling, who is from the USA but lives in Berlin, photographed women from 20 countries for 'Redhead Beauty', which will be available from St Patrick's Day on March 17.