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19 And the sun goes forth from that fifth portal and sets in the fifth portal of the west, and rises in the fourth portal for one- 20 and-thirty mornings on account of its sign, and sets in the west.

And first there goes forth the great luminary, named the Sun, and his circumference is like the 5 circumference of the heaven, and he is quite filled with illuminating and heating fire.

At 12 minutes into this documentary you will see views of the earth through the Space Station cupola windows. But in fact the earth IS stationary, and the mostly 32nd degree Freemason astronauts are sworn to secrecy even to the extent their families are threatened according Clark Mc Clelland former NASA SCO who spoke with former many American astronauts who were his friends...

If NASA chose to respond to my allegations I am sure they would use some techno-psychobabble to persuade viewers and readers here that there is a good reason why it only appears the earth is stationary.

The tour includes scenes of each of the station's modules and research facilities with a running narrative by Williams of the work that has taken place and which is ongoing aboard the orbital outpost.

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To read more: stars_falling_from_the_High Speed Sat (retailer) your guide through the world of Satellite TV - Satellite Internet and Voip- Satellite Radio - Satellite Phone Systems and Services states: Geostationary Satellites Geostationary or communications satellites are PARKED in space 22.300 miles (35.900. Geostationary satellites are used for weather forecasting, satellite TV, satellite radio and most other types of global communications.

They especially are never to reveal that NASA works with aliens (fallen angels in reality) and that NASA has bases on the moon and Mars.

Recent news & multiple important stories for your empowerment, health and well being-march 23, 2018… continue reading »

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Disability and Dating How to Find Love While Being True to Yourself. by Sydney. On tonight's all new episode of ABC's Speechless, the entire DiMeo family helps JJ romance a girl at school. Our own Erin Hawley explains that finding the right partner isn't easy, and it can be especially hard when you have a disability.… continue reading »

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Feb 13, 2015. Disabled people are speaking up ahead of Valentine's Day about the awkwardness they go through when dating. To coincide with the most romantic day of the year, 14 February, the disability charity Scope has launched a new campaign called Kiss Awkward Goodbye. The charity has found that eight out.… continue reading »

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List of The Best Older Woman Young Men/Boy Relationship Movies, ranked by the combinedopinions of 6,911 people as of April 2018. Add your votes to this ultimate ra… continue reading »

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Mar 23, 2016. My advice for guys dating me is, don't be scared. That hurt, yes, but it wasn't such a jolt to me, because I was used to being discriminated against as a person of color and a plus-size person; disability was just one. I'm dating, and I would like to be in a long-term committed relationship with someone.… continue reading »

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