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20-Mar-2017 03:40

You see the manifestation of the anger, sadness, or denial, but it covers strong feelings underneath.You can't simply love someone day after day and ever truly stop loving that person.You surrender to denial if you can't accept that there is a part of you that still loves and misses that person, even if it's only the most miniscule part of you.Music comes to mind again as I think of Whitney Houston singing "..if somebody loves you, won't they always love you?I agree with the author that in some cases that "love" hangs on for years, but I believe that's in the minority.These are the people who choose not to move forward and pine for their partner.

When you see two people who treat each other as strangers but who were once married, you don't see the love on the surface, but it's there - only in repressed form.

Forced friendliness feels faker than polite distance.

My experiences with divorced couples is somewhat mixed.

If you are single, reflect on what you hope for in your next relationship.

If you're looking for a partner who is also your best friend, think in advance about what you can do now to make sure that you never have to see an ex and treat him or her like a stranger.They use anyone around them (including their kids) as pawns to gain advantage against their partner.In my opinion, the healthiest and "friendliest" couples are those who've been able to take those emotionally charged feelings and become more apathetic when it comes to an ex. This is where you really don't have any feelings - good or bad - toward the partner. It wasn't a divorce, but all the court attendances made it feel that way.Too often, men and women end relationships and feel that they made a mistake in choosing the partner they committed to in the past because the relationship didn't work.

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