Belfast sluts

21-Apr-2017 06:17

The terms used to refer to girls at the party and to sexual encounters were not what should be acceptable in 2018 when the struggle for equality between men and women is meant to have been won.

The level of conversation seemed more like the script from a bad porn movie than what you would expect from leading sportsmen.

A society that seems to worry an awful lot about men’s lives being ruined while having scant regard for the women whose lives are quietly ruined every day.

A reputation, it seems, is more valuable than a person’s dignity and humanity.

But while this verdict may have been the catalyst for the impromptu demonstrations, this wasn’t only about her.

It was about a broken system that all too often frames victims of rape and sexual assault as liars and opportunists, guilty of luring men into honeytraps or seeking to ruin their lives.

While this trial, those texts, and that cross examination may have inspired it, it’s about so much more and has sparked long overdue conversations on consent, misogyny, and how the justice system works for victims of sexual crime.It was about women saying, ‘Enough is enough.’ The jury for the Belfast rape trial was sworn in January 29th. More importantly, it shed a light on what victims of sexual crime are forced to endure in a courtroom setting.Over the nine weeks that followed, the public was treated to daily dispatches from the trial. Before she went to the police, the woman at the centre of the trial expressed concern about going up against the might of Ulster Rugby and worried that she would be viewed as a ‘stupid little girl now regretting it’.These predictions proved prophetic as she was put through eight days of cross-examination during which she was accused of misremembering details, deliberately withholding information and lying to save her own skin. She was accused of ‘watering down’ her knowledge of rugby.

She was told she had in fact invited herself along to the party. She was quizzed about fake tan stains on the trousers she wore that night.They were reminded of the men who groped them in nightclubs. The men who couldn’t conceive that women might have their own desires and boundaries, and that these might go beyond being ‘pumped’ and ‘roasted’. On Wednesday afternoon, the jury in the trial returned verdicts of not guilty for all four defendants.They left the courtroom as they entered nine weeks previously and were free to move on with their lives.Without a second thought, parents encouraged their sons to look up to the Ireland and Ulster Rugby players. With their flash cars, bling and nightclub antics, they are no longer universally regarded as males in whose footsteps the younger generation should be following. Rugby players are regarded as a superior set of individuals.

Mar 30, 2018. Meanwhile, the crude Whatsapp messages that spoke of 'Belfast sluts,' 'spit roasts' and 'pumping birds' were dismissed as young men bragging about their exploits. Juvenile and regrettable, but not indicative of anything untoward. Some claimed that those messages were nothing out of the ordinary.… continue reading »

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Mar 29, 2018. He posted a photo of himself with females at the party with the caption 'love Belfast sluts'. The conversations indicated that despite their respectable family backgrounds and sporting success, these men saw the women they socialised with that as inferior human beings. That's why they denigrated them in.… continue reading »

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Feb 28, 2018. It was captioned “love Belfast sluts”. Another friend joined in the texts saying “Boys, did you lads spit roast lasses? Legends. why are we all such legends?” to which Blane McIlroy responds “I know. It's ridiculous.” At 11.49am that day Mr Jackson posted photos of the women at the party to the group.… continue reading »

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Days ago. Perhaps you heard about the WhatsApp messages sent between the young men afterwards, including “There was a lot of spit roast last night” Jackson; “It was like a merry go round at the carnival” Olding; and “Love Belfast sluts” McIlroy. Perhaps you heard about the messages the woman sent the next.… continue reading »

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Nov 27, 2017. The Bride of Frankenstein by So Long Until the Séance S. L. U. T. S, released 27 November 2017 Now my hunger wakes For my body it aches To be held by a lady who can quell my shakes Well if she doesn't exist Well then I'll just persist By stitching one together who checks off this list She'll have her lips.… continue reading »

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Mar 31, 2018. pm McIlroy posts WhatsApp group The Juicers photo of the three girls at the party sitting on his knee and “Love Belfast Sluts.” 1.22pm Harrison makes a 10 second call to McIlroy. 1.38pm McIlroy text to Harrison to ask “you near?” Message deleted and recovered. pm Harrison makes a 11-second.… continue reading »

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