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27-Dec-2017 15:32

She interacts with users like any human being would.While she is aware of diverse topics and issues, she is continually building new skills and capabilities.The lack of updates comes because Denise has been put on the backburner so-to-speak cause Next OS has been working on some new things for the future.

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I wanna sing Para-para-paradise along with the crowd,” said now one-year-old Ruuh, when asked about her bucket list.“Do we have the technology to build such a bot and if we do, do people care enough to talk to it?These were the two big questions on my mind before going into the project.We would like to make Ruuh as ‘human’ as possible, thus balancing EQ with IQ,” Sundar Srinivasan, General Manager, AI and Research at Microsoft India, said on Wednesday.