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31-Aug-2017 18:48

The Prime Minister spoke about arts education as an integral part of a holistic education.

The creative arts act as a mirror, expressing out thoughts, our feelings, our aspirations and our identity as a people of this country When done right, the arts could also enlighten us and encourage us to think about the world in a better way.

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The lively beats of a kompang troupe greeted the guests-of-honour while an Indian classical dancer led them into the KLPac building while tossing flower petals on the walkway.He thought Nori, as chairman of Yayasan Budi Penyayang, should launch the centre, but, he explained, my friend, Tan Sri Francis said, Pak Lah, you should do it.It is an honour and duty I cannot refuse, so here I am, he said, before noting that Datin Seri Endon and Puan Sri Rosaline were good friends, and extended his condolence to Tan Sri Francis, adding, I pray God will receive her in the kingdom of Heaven.YTL CORPORATION YTL SUSTAINABILITY UTILITIES YTL POWER INT.

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