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People might then question, but I am not actually killing the animal but just eating, is that wrong too? Conclusion kaunteya (BG, 14.4): “In every living being there is a spirit soul.” That means even in the animals there is a soul, so we do not have the right to kill or eat flesh.

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They believe animals have no soul because they want to eat the animals, but actually animals do have a soul. the animal is eating, you are eating; the animal is sleeping, you are sleeping; the animal is defending, you are defending; the animal is having sex, you are having sex; the animals have children, you have children; they have a living place, you have a living place. If there are so many points of similarity between human beings and animals, why deny one similarity? the Bible does not simply say, ‘Do not kill the human being.’ It says broadly, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’…

Reporter: How do you know that the animal has a soul? If the animal’s body is cut, there is blood; if your body is cut, there is blood. Now, why do you deny this one similarity, the presence of the soul? why do you interpret this to suit your own convenience?

What are the Characteristics of the 3 Modes and what it leads to? If we kill then that binds us to Karma, and we will get the reaction.

The analogy of Karma means ‘To every action there is an equal opposite reaction’.Jīvo jīvasya jīvanam: one living entity is the life for another living entity.But for a human being, that violence should be committed only as much as necessary.The Vedas inform us that the purpose of human life is to reawaken the soul to its relationship with God, and only when we go beyond vegetarianism to prasada can our eating be helpful in achieving this goal.