Blind dating song

02-Feb-2018 16:26

Usually the deception doesn't last forever, but by the time the blind person finds out what the other "looks" like, they've already come to appreciate the person inside.

The one saving grace when they're really, really bad?

Speaking about how they came up with the concept, Michael Lowery, Chief Marketing Officer at Cheap Caribbean told AOL that the company are hoping to offer a couple a 'once-in-a-lifetime blind date for Valentine's Day'.

He added: 'Without distractions from the daily grind, the beach makes for an ideal setting to relax and find romance.' Last year, the travel agent introduced a Sex on the Beach package, so couples could 'spice things up', so no doubt, the company has plenty of romantic action planned for the winning couples.

However, he didn't mention specifics about whether or not the couple will have to spend every day together, or what might happen if they really can't stand each other and want to get as far away as possible from each other.

And if singletons are worried about being matched with their worst nightmare, they shouldn't be.

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Dating website Miss Travel offers jet-setters and wanderlusters the opportunity to search for love or companionship while away on vacation, and Senior Femail Reporter Carly Stern, trialed the service in May 2017.

Miss Travel users find matches on the site and plan trips together, flying out to a shared destination in another part of the country or world - Carly jetted off to Punta Mita, Mexico for her first date with a stranger.