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30-Dec-2017 06:02

In 2007 Winstead appeared in a pair of high-profile event films.It was broken into six filmed episodes interspersed with interactive storytelling, all on Alex (the main character)'s Facebook timeline.She is a beauty, fashion and styling expert who has covered American television for more than a decade.She attended University of Idaho in Idaho and she has graduated in Psychology.

In 2004, Winstead played a supporting role in MTV's made-for-television film Monster Island.

The couple, engaged since May 2012, dated for five years after being introduced by mutual friends at a party in New York City.

They are already proud parents to Chica, a long-haired female Chihuahua, whose name was also chosen by TODAY fans.

She left to pursue other interests, later stating, "I really had one of the smallest roles on Passions, so I didn't get too involved...

She was offered a role in the film A Cinderella Story, but turned it down as she had just graduated from school and was going on a cruise with friends (where she met Riley Stearns, her future husband).

Talking about her personal life she is already married to her lover.