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They say they’ve looked at the same data — from the census and American Community Surveys — through a different lens, and found it less gloomy.If the analysis is limited to blacks over age 35, the number of single women drops, they say. C., and Atlanta, women with doctorates are more than twice as likely to be married as those with a high school degree.Then women confront the venerable economic model of supply and demand — scarcity creates excess demand for black grooms, tilting the terms of courtship to men’s favor. Yes, there are exceptions, he concedes — fairy tale couples such as Barack and Michelle, or Will and Jada, dubbed “nuptial eye candy” by Essence magazine.Personal experience He speaks from personal experience; two of Banks’ three sisters — “intelligent, beautiful and educated” — are unmarried.“I did find that person.” But most black women face a big problem, he asserts.

“After endless bad relationships — all seeming to stem from black men’s egos and inability to keep their penis in their pants, also coming from broken homes — I have decided to go on hiatus from black men and only date out of my race. I am currently dating a great white man” with a degree from UC-Davis, she says, “who seems to appreciate me, respect me, and we match equally educationally and culturally. And it’s a major bonus that we share the same family values.” Jethroe Moore, president of the San Jose chapter of the NAACP, also agrees with Banks — but says that efforts to improve the fate of black men could help solve the problem.

Finally, although black women have more degrees, that doesn’t translate into high incomes: In fact, more black men than black women earn more than ,000 a year.

“Entrepreneurial elements of America have found a variety of creative ways to benefit financially from black females’ anxieties at the expense of black male egos,” Toldson told the African-American online magazine the Root in a reference to Banks.

“So it all coalesces around this …: whether black women will continue to be held hostage to the failings of black men.” Particularly in California, where only 6.2 percent of the population is black, “conditions are very conducive to interracial relationships,” he says. And everyone’s moved away from home, so they’re more likely to form nontraditional bonds.” Some welcome his book, “Is Marriage for White People?

” because it has started an uncomfortable conversation they say is long overdue.“But there is a lot of policing of black women,” he adds, “controlling them through pop culture messages — that you should ‘stick with the black man first,’ that ‘the black man needs your help.’ That leaves people feeling less free than they need to be.” Analysis rings true Oakland-based L.Jeanine Phillips, 28, who has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a passion for reading and a rewarding career as an operations manager for an upscale firm, says Banks’ analysis rings true.In fact, black women are the most unmarried group of people in our nation.