Books like dead end dating

07-Aug-2017 09:55

The emerged religious schism further aggravated tension between the Romanovs and the rulers of Turkey.

The XVII century author Andrey Lyzlov annotated the Koran and captured a great deal some kind of specific 'ecumenical Book' intended to rectify the rupture, which emerged in the Empire and in the religion. We have discovered that the life description of Prophet Muhammad includes some accounts of Andronicus-Christ from the XII century [PRRK].The Islamic leaders sincerely desired to restore the former unity. In particular the following storylines are present: the Annunciation and the Immaculate Conception; caesarean section; the Star of Bethlehem; reference to John the Baptist; the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem; Jesus driving the tradesmen out of the temple; the destruction of the temple and its rebuilding in three days; the judgement of the whore; Descent into Hell; the ascension of Jesus to heaven; Resurrection from the dead and the Last Judgement; the Conversion of Paul the Apostle (Saul).Despite the attempts of the Romanovs to drive a wedge between the Russians (the Orthodox Christians) and the 'Mongol' Tatars (the Muslims), it didn't succeed.

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