Breaking the cycle of dating violence

21-Mar-2017 15:12

Each student will receive a copy of “If I had heard this message as a teen, about the true meaning of sex and its deeper emotional impact, saying ‘no’ would have been easy,” says Brenda Teele.

“The message of Breaking the Cycle gives teens a bigger ‘YES.’” Read more about Brenda on her page.

In practice, this means that partners who remain in abusive relationships are treated as aberrations, which can slide into victim-blaming.Our prevention program aims to create a culture within schools to reduce first-time perpetration of dating and sexual violence, increase the number of non-violent relationships and interactions, and reduce cultural influences and change social norms supporting sexual violence.The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) funds the program while the Oklahoma State Department of Health manages it.A gift of helps 25 people, helps 100 people and 0 helps 500 people. But parents and teachers may just be the key to protecting youth from dating violence.

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“Unless someone tells you this is what a violent [partner] looks like, young people wouldn’t know,” Wynn says.More Counselors, Teachers Are Aware Fortunately, former police officer Mark Wynn says, as a country, the U. “There’s more awareness, which has led to additional training not only with law enforcement but with teachers and school counselors.School resource officers are now doing a lot more to work with teachers to recognize stalking and dating violence.” Where Wynn sees the largest opportunity to make a difference is in getting more teens to report dating violence so they can be helped.Prevention is stopping the violence before it starts.