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It turns out he is married and his wife did the shopping.

This is Arlindo de Souza who injected his arms with synthol.

Synthol, or site enhancing oil, is a mixture of oil and alcohol that can be injected into muscles to give them a greatly inflated appearance. Synthol does not translate into any increased strength.

Also unlike real muscle, synthol muscles can droop excessively.

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Weighing 1072 lbs (486kg) he was know as the half ton man.

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Now some websites suggest that this is another case of synthol and/or anabolic steroids but I don’t buy it this image looks photoshopped to me. You maybe looking at this photo and thinking well that’s a tiny cell phone.

What I never understand about these cases is how the people are getting food.

Who is the person that is providing them with like 20 big macs?

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Please don't harass the video creators or send them hate-messages.Interestingly the only other rolf I know is the dog from the muppets.Mr boo choltz did not start piercing until he was age 41.Kaleem is not a man yet but his pictures are some of the most unbelievable.