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06-Aug-2017 13:44

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Dude is definitely trippin’…at least Kim makes her own income, Amber Rose needs a man to keep her a$s going. In a TMZ exclusive, the drunk food menu was revealed including late night Shrimp with cilantro and cotija, Potstickers, Roasted jumbo prawn with mini crab cake and lobster sauce and Mozzarella and crab crusted beef tenderloin. After the couple was married on the weekend of July 12, the worldwideweb went crazy with the news that Reggie Bush’s ex-girlfriend’s step-father, Bruce Jenner, attended the ceremonies.She and Reggie Busharrived together at the AXE Lounge in Southampton Saturday night and were caught canoodling all night long.Apparently, they even took bathroom breaks together, which required a security guard to guide them through the jam-packed crowd. Damn, Reggie’s taste in broads is super suspect…that Jesse James country singer, the January Gessert jumpoff, Carmen “Thirsty Ho” Ortega, and now Yeezy’s sloppy seconds.

Frankly, it's astounding Moore made it as long as he did in Dallas.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.The Big Lead — which totally just reports gossip while I'm giving you hard-hitting news — found this picture of Reggie Bush and Ciara on Young, Black, and Fabulous, and YBF hints that this photograph validates Bush-Ciara rumors that have been floating around for several weeks.Shortly after his relationship with Kardashian ended, Reggie Bush dated Melissa Molinaro; a woman who bore such a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, that Kardashian successfully sued Old Navy for using her in their advertisement claiming that it deceived customers into the idea that infact was the one hawking the clothes for the company.

After failing in a relationship with both Kim Kardashian and her doppleganger, Reggie Bush is taking another crack at it, only this time, there will be a level of permanence.Lilit was born on November 30, 1987 to 59-year-old Avag Avagyan and 52-year-old Juleta from Chatsworth, CA.The young and most recently new mom has been a busy girl, ever since she was a little girl she showed an interest for dancing.Kinne transitioned from quarterback to wide receiver this offseason in an effort to make the final roster.

Nia Long In Her Shoes. I’ve never even met Reggie Bush. Speaking of dating, I see there’s a giant vase of long-stemmed red roses on your.… continue reading »

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